About the Y

The Greater Woonsocket YMCA is a community service organization, which promotes positive values through programs that build spirit, mind and body, welcoming all people with a focus on youth...since 1901. Build strong kids, strong families, strong communities.

To build health of spirit, mind and body based on the highest ideals of the Judeo-Christian heritage, and to improve the quality of life for children, individuals, families, and communities in the cities and towns of greater Rhode Island.

Through its programs, the YMCA of Woonsocket seeks to help individuals:
* To develop self-confidence and self-respect and an appreciation of their own worth as individuals.
* To develop a faith for daily living based upon Judeo-Christian teachings that they may thereby be helped in achieving their highest potential as children of God; while being sensitive to respecting individual beliefts and including all people in YMCA programs regardless of their religion.
* To grow as responsible members of their families and citizens of their communities.
* To appreciate that health of mind and body is a sacred gift and that physical fitness and mental well-being are conditions to be achieved and maintained.
* To recognize the worth of all persons, and to work for interracial and intergroup understanding.
* To develop their capacities for leadership and use them responsibly in their own groups and in community life.

To appreciate the beauty, diversity, and interdependence of all forms of life and all resources which God had provided in their world, and to develop an ethical basis for guiding the relationships of mankind with the rest of God's natural community.


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